New Facility Added: 

Zimyo HRMS & Mobile App: To effectively manage its human resources, the college has recently acquired a new Human Resource Management System (HRMS) tool named "Zimyo." This versatile tool is accessible both via a web platform and a mobile application. Employees are required to clock in and out by using the mobile app, which employs geo-fencing technology to accurately record attendance. All leave requests and other HR-related inquiries must be submitted exclusively through the mobile app, streamlining the process and ensuring a centralized system for all HR activities.

The implementation of Zimyo is expected to enhance efficiency by providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for all employees. By integrating this tool, the college aims to improve the accuracy of attendance tracking, simplify the leave management process, and ensure better communication within the HR department. The use of geo-fencing for attendance ensures that employees are physically present at the college when marking their attendance, thereby reducing the possibility of fraudulent entries. Additionally, having a mobile app allows employees to manage their HR-related tasks on the go, providing convenience and flexibility.