Principal Message

Dear students,

From the mighty trees do the fruitfully loading”.


College is the lighthouse of society. The foremost duty of college is to produce enlightened citizens who can serve the nation to individuality. As educators facilitators, we have to nature and environment that inspires learning and keeps the students internal intact by instilling universal values of brotherhood, humanity; an environment that insulates the students from forces of hate, violence, and vices. It is imperative to nature of basic faculties of intelligence viz. imagination, creativity, vision and ability to think outside the box.


Imagination is stronger than knowledge and dreams are more powerful than facts. Dreams translated into reality have given birth to great works not only of literature but to the new progressive world, its architectural wonders.


Dreams cherished by Newton, Einstein have resulted in incredible scientific inventions. All that was scoffed at as science fiction has been translated into technological realities so the need is to retain a fine balance between reality and dreams in order to cultivate original thinking and clear vision in the mind of the coming generation.


Power is but a means to service

                               Bhagwad Gita