Undertaking by Head of the Institute    View

IIQA Report     View


Self Study Report (SSR):

SSR Report     View Last Upadated on: 20/06/2024

Additional Information for SSR

Criterion 1

1.1.1: Curricular Planning and Implementation     View

1.2.1: Online Value Added Course     View Number of students enrolled in Certificate/ Value added courses and also completed online courses of MOOCs, SWAYAM, NPTEL etc. as against the total number of students during the last five years     View

1.3.2: Students undertaking project work/field work/ internships

A: List of Students downloaded from Internship Portal     View
B: Internship Completion Certificates Issued by Govt. of Rajasthan     View
C: Internship Observation Report     View
D: Copies of Internship Diaries     View
E: Intern's Onsite Photographs     View
F: List of Students for Project Work, Award List, & Copy of Project Files  View




Criterion 2

2.1.2: AISHE Certificates and Admission Polices     View

2.3.1: Students Centric Methods     View

2.5.1 (A) Internal/External Assessment and Grievance Redressal System      View

2.5.1 (B) Additional Infromation for Internal/External Assessment and Grievance Redressal System      View

2.6.2 & 2.6.3: Tabulation Registers University of Kota (2023-2018)     View



Criterion 3

3.2.2 Seminars/Workshops/Conferences Reports    View

3.3.1 Research Paper Published     View

3.3.2 Book Chapter Published     View

3.4.1 Extension Activiy Register     View

3.4.3 Detailed Report for Extension & Outreach Programs     View


Criterion 4

4.1.2 Bills and Vouchers (Development/Augmentation)     View

4.2.1 Additional Information for Library     View

4.4.1 Bills and Vouchers (Maintenance)     View




Criterion 5

5.1.1 Policy Documents for Award of Scholarship     View

5.1.1 Year wise List of Beneficiary Students     View

5.1.3 Activity Reports for Career Counseling     View

5.1.4 Details of Statutory/Regulatory Committees      View

5.3.1 Awards and Medals for Outstanding inSports & Cultural Activities     View

5.3.2 Sports & Cultural Activities     View

5.4.1 MoM Alumni Association     View


Criterion 6


6.2.1 Institutional Strategic & Prespective Plan     View

6.3.3 Certificats of FDPs     View

6.3.3 FDPs Schedule & Attendance     View


Criterion 7